NAISDA Dance College to perform at Carriageworks

NAISDA to perform in USA

Mt Penang based NAISDA Dance College will return to Carriageworks in Sydney to perform their end of year show, KAMU, in November.

NAISDA is Australia’s premier Indigenous Dance College, with a reputation for training and producing some of today’s foremost Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander performers. The show is directed by renowned Aboriginal choreographer, Ms Frances Rings.

Celebrated for her extensive career in dance, Ms Rings has had the opportunity to work with many of the world’s leading dance companies and choreographers. KAMU will be Ms Rings second directed production for NAISDA. KAMU is the Kala Lagaw Ya word meaning, mangrove flower. “As Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, we look to the natural world to inspire, regenerate and sustain us”, Ms Rings said.

“As we head towards the 40th anniversary of NAISDA, KAMU characterises the continued cultivation of cultural values inherent to our foundation and our conscious responsibility towards the health of our land and seas,” concluded Ms Rings.

Ms Rings will be joined in the creation with notable choreographers Mr Joel Bray, Mr Ian “RT” Colless and Ms Penny Mullen. In addition, the end of year show will gain the experience and knowledge of cultural collaborator Mr Dujon Niue, who will be joining the band of choreographers in telling his interpretation of KAMU.

Media release, Oct 9, 2015 Alyssa Moorley, Brilliant Logic

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