Expansion of the Calga sand quarry still a possibility

Central Coast Greens have called on member for Robertson, Ms Lucy Wicks MP to stop the expansion of the Calga sand quarry.

“We call on Lucy Wicks to act to create and protect real, sustainable tourism jobs on the Central Coast by stepping in to stop the expansion of the Calga sand-quarry which threatens the viability of neighboring tourism and farming businesses,” spokesperson for the Central Coast Greens, Ms Kate da Costa said.

“If the Federal Government and Lucy Wicks, holder of a very marginal seat, want to create new jobs, they would step in to stop the expansion of the Calga sand-quarry which threatens our water security and neighboring businesses like the Australian Wildlife Walkabout Park,” she said.

“Walkabout has permission to expand its ecotourism program which would create longterm, sustainable jobs for locals but this would not be possible if the quarry expands.”

“The Central Coast Greens are aware that Hanson, new owners of the Calga quarry are currently in negotiations with a local custodian of the land, Gummbudda, who is part of the Camp Quoll Group.

“We are hopeful that these will be successful, but if talks break down or the Land and Environment Court finds against the community’s wishes, we call on Lucy Wicks to protect our water security and not put future tourism and job creation at risk,” she said.

Media release,
Sep 30, 2015
Email, Sep 30, 2015
Justine Suthers, Central
Coast Greens