A performing arts centre will be built on the waterfront

A  performing arts centre will be built on the Gosford waterfront, according to chief executive officer of Gosford Council, Mr Paul Anderson.

According to Mr Anderson, the former prime minister, Mr Tony Abbott made a promise prior to the 2013 federal election that they would fund one third of the cost of building a performing arts centre if Gosford Council and the NSW Government also met commitments to fund one third of the cost.

Mr Anderson said the NSW Government is willing to contribute $10 million and Gosford Council has $10 million available.

“Yes, it will happen, we are just waiting for the Federal Government to come through with its $10 million promise,” Mr Anderson said.

He said the $10 million promise is in addition to, and completely separate from the $7 million Federal Government funding that was promised for the regional library development.

The earmarked site for the centre is on the other side of Vaughan Ave from the Gosford School site and is Crown Land.

“We have care, control and management of the land, but we would have to enter a lease or purchase it from Crown Lands,” he said.

Interview, Oct 6, 2015
Paul Anderson,
Gosford Council
Jackie Pearson, journalist