Where should CBD expansion end?

Are residents fully aware of the impact that approved/planned developments will have on our community?

The Gosford CBD zone, expanded with minimal community consultation, enables high-rise developments in residential areas far from what most would deem the CBD.

Council will soon consider a proposal for a nine-storey residential block in Lynn Avenue, Point Frederick.

This development, located within a neighbourhood of low-rise dwellings, will dominate the skyline and set a precedent for buildings of similar height in the area.

The current rate and nature of developments affects us all and warrants a greater degree of community consultation than has occurred.

Should we not have a say in what we want for our community, or are we expected to simply acquiesce to the selfinterest of developers?

The Gosford waterfront and surrounds is a beautiful place to live. It will be a tragedy if a development onslaught is imposed upon us.

I encourage everyone to look into what is being planned and to forward your concerns to Council before it is too late.

Letter, Aug 25, 2015
Monique Anderson,
Point Frederick