Pubic land being sold without consultation

The Community Environment Network (CEN) has raised concerns about Gosford Council’s decision to commence a sale of public land in Gosford LGA.

At the Gosford Council meeting on September 8, Councillors voted to start selling off public land. A report to the meeting identified that Council’s Property Group had reviewed their property portfolio of over 3,000 lots to establish sites with sale potential.

The report identifies 20 stage 1 sites. CEN CEO, Ms Jane Smith said she was concerned about the lack of a clear strategy and community consultation involved in the proposal.

“Council land belongs to the community, the residents and ratepayers of Gosford, not to the 10 Councillors sitting in the chambers or Council staff. “Council does not have a mandate to sell off public lands,” Ms Smith said.

“With only five days’ notice of this item coming to Council, community members have already raised concerns about a number of individual lots.

According to Ms Smith, at the Council meeting, some Councillors took comfort that they have initiated a process whereby the community will be asked to make submissions, attend public hearings and then make further representations to Council on a lot by lot basis.

However, at the same time, Councillors approved the sale of three lots to proceed without any community consultation.

“We urge Council to develop a strategy that is put out on exhibition for public comment and undertake community engagement.”

Media release
Sep 9, 2015
Jane Smith, Community
Environment Network