Name change for Community Care Services

Delphis Australia is the new branding for Community Care Services Central Coast

Community Care Services Central Coast has undertaken a rebranding as Delphis Australia.

“With programs originally commencing in 1986, Delphis Australia continues a long tradition of delivering a range of quality programs to assist frail older people, people with a disability, people diagnosed with dementia and their carers to maintain a quality and healthy lifestyle both within their own homes as well as the wider community,” said CEO Mr Peter McCloskey.

“We appreciate the name change may take some getting used to, but our core business remains the same and we look forward to many more years of assisting our Central Coast community “ said Mr. McCloskey

“The services, staff and values will remain the same, however the new name marks an exciting new phase in the expansion of this local community organisation as it seeks to better position itself,” he said.

The repositioning is in order to take advantage of new business opportunities following the launch of the Australian Government’s My Aged Care reform package and rollout of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in 2016, Mr McCloskey said.

From the ancient Greek, Delphis means dolphin, an intelligent marine mammal living in pods or communities. Friendly and social they look out for and support each other.

“The name Delphis aptly describes how this organisation perceives itself and how it wishes to conduct its operations, a friendly and caring organisation delivering a range of services to those who need short-term or ongoing support to maximise their independence at home and in the community for as long as they choose.

“The name couldn’t be more appropriate in connecting our organisation with the Central Coast and the playfulness of dolphins along its coast line“, Mr McCloskey said.

Media release,
20 August 2015
Peter McCloskey,
Delphis Australia