MAC supports FOPAP

The Multi Art Confederation would like to add its name to supporters of the building of the Performing Arts Space on the site of the old Gosford Public School.

It has been a dream of most people involved in the Arts for this site to be used for showcasing the entry to Gosford using buildings designed for the pursuit of the arts, with good architecture highlighting the arts and the beautiful waterfront area.

How proud we all will be to listen to music in a properly designed, acoustic space with a beautiful landscaped surround where music can be heard also, and the kids can play.

Our community is very much aware of how lucky we are to have such a beautiful site which must remain as part of our public space.

There is ample room on the site for the Conservatorium of Music to be attached, with amenities needed there, an outdoor area for concerts, playgrounds and coffee shops and even a library.

This will not interfere with the pathway along the water’s edge, but will encourage more people to walk and greet others in a people friendly space.

This waterfront land has never been built on except for the school site, for a reason which has become apparent after the last big storm.

It is time for our community to enjoy our City and be proud of what can be achieved when good planning is involved.

Email, 14 August 2015
Margaret Hardy, Multi
Arts Confederation & Central
Coast Arts Society

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