International speaker at Erina

Gosford Council hosted two free sessions on Thursday, August 20 at The Hub in Erina with renowned author and trainer Mr Cormac Russell.

They are part of an ongoing series of events inviting international speakers to showcase sustainable community development through placemaking.

Director of community growth Ms Judy Jaeger said Council was delighted to welcome Cormac Russell to Gosford as part of his world-wide tour.

“Cormac shared the benefits of using Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) to build connections and create vibrant, liveable places,” Ms Jaeger said. “ABCD is about making the most of our existing resources, particularly the knowledge that exists within our local people, groups and organisations.”

Ms Jaeger added that Cormac Russell’s citizencentred strategies perfectly align with Gosford Council’s own approaches.

“We firmly believe that people are our biggest asset. “They are the building blocks of sustainable community development.

The sessions were about what communities do best, what communities need help with and how outside agencies can best assist communities.

Media release,
17 August 2015
Gosford Council media