Family Drug and Support Program

The Family Drug and Support (FDS) program will host its Stepping Stones to Success Program at Lerida House in Gosford throughout October.

The FDS has been providing support to families dealing with drug dependents for over 17 years and has been delivering the Stepping Stones program for a decade, providing reality based support to over 1,200 families.

The course aims to increase people’s confidence and competence in managing drug issues. It provides a reality based educational approach that includes gaining new perspective and breaking the ‘cycle of shame and blame’ which families find they are caught up in.

FDS program manager Ms Julie Clark said the Stepping Stones program provides vital support to families unsure of how to manage the drug dependent person in their lives.

“I have seen the enormous difference this course makes to people’s lives,” Ms Clark said. “They are stronger, better supported and have taken on skills to better manage their relationship with the user.

“This will in turn help the user towards better outcomes,” she said. “Becoming more resilient and having skills to cope better will allow you to survive the journey intact.

“You will be in a safe and confidential space along with others facing similar challenges,” she said.

Media release,
Sep 15, 2015
Julie Clark, Family Drug
Support program