ET Australia adds two new levels

ET Australia Secondary College in Gosford is accredited to deliver Year 7 and 8 studies in 2016

ET Australia Secondary College (ETASC) has been accredited and registered by the NSW BOSTES to deliver Year 7 and Year 8 studies, commencing in 2016.

This latest expansion adds Year 7 and Year 8 to the new high school located in the Gosford CBD which has been delivering Year 9 and Year 10 courses for over two years.

The school commenced in 2013 with 65 students. Adding Year 7 and Year 8 in 2016 will bring the high school’s capacity to 100 students.

This will ensure students still have a small school providing a positive and supportive learning environment.

ET Australia CEO, Mr Tony Mylan said the high school is based on years’ of planning and offers an alternative education model based on an individual learning plan for individual students.

“We are seeing an increasing demand across Australia for schools to cater for individually tailored learning support pathways.

“The additional 35 places at our school for Year 7 and Year 8 students is a great win for our local community and for parents who now have an opportunity to choose this model earlier in the schooling process,” Mr Mylan said.

“The school seeks to creatively and individually reengage students in a learning environment that focuses on literacy, numeracy, fostering independence and teaching students a work ethic,” he said.

Media release, Sep 8, 2015
Natalie Wilson, ET