Crouch bleeds by example

Member for Terrigal Adam Crouch wilth fellow parliamentarians Mr Richard Webb and Speaker Shelley Hancock

The Member for Terrigal Adam Crouch made his 50th plasma blood donation on Monday, August 17 at Elizabeth St, Sydney to bring awareness to the importance of Red Cross’ Red25 blood donation.

Red25 is open to any organisation or group in Australia who wants to save lives together through blood donation. That includes organisations big and small, schools, sports and social clubs, groups of friends and governments.

Mr Crouch challenged his parliamentary colleagues this week to donate blood during the month of August and both sides of parliament took up the challenge.

“I am blown away by the enthusiasm of our cabinet, our members and the opposition, for taking up the challenge to give blood to Red25” said Mr Crouch. “Donating blood only takes one hour and by giving that extra time, donors make an extraordinary impact on the lives of those who need blood.

“As stated by Red Cross, ‘a blood donation is more powerful than money because saving a life is something you can’t put a price on’ and I couldn’t say it better,” he said. “That is why I put out the challenge to my colleagues in the NSW Parliament, to give blood in August and register with RED 25.”

The Speaker of the NSW Legislative Assembly the Hon Shelly Hancock said she was delighted to take part in Mr Crouch’s challenge. “Every blood donation helps to save lives so it is incredibly important to take an hour out of our busy lives to visit a blood donor centre.” said Ms Hancock.

“A blood donation gives a patient undergoing chemotherapy the extra strength they need to make it through treatment. “Anti-D donors give pregnant mums the extra chance to have a healthy baby and bone marrow donors gives patients another chance at life,” he said.

Mr. Crouch said plasma contains very important proteins, nutrients and clotting factors which help to prevent and stop bleeding. It is the most versatile component of your blood and donated plasma makes up to 18 life-saving products that help patients with trauma, burns and blood diseases.

Media release,
14 Aug 2015
Debra Wales, Office of
Adam Crouch