Club members barred for attending rally

My wife and I took part in the peaceful rally outside the Central Coast Leagues Club on Thursday July 2 that coincided with Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s visit.

Following the protest, my wife and I, as members of the Club, tried to enter for a coffee. Two men stood at the entrance and asked if we had attended the meeting across the street. When we responded honestly that we had, we were told we were not allowed in.

We watched as other members were let in, and realised we were being punished for attending the rally. We were told that the two men were Australian Federal Police officers, and the club had no control over their operation.

It is difficult to comprehend how the AFP could decide that those attending the rally would be more of a threat to the Prime Minister than those just allowed to wander in.

Just another example of unnecessary highhandedness by the present government and the further erosion of our freedom to express dissatisfaction with some aspects of government policy.

Letter, 13 July 2015
John and Margaret Hale
Woy Woy