Sculpture installed on Avoca Beach

A photographer fi nds an unexpected use for the Floating Illusion sculpture on Avoca Beach Photo: Allan LambelA photographer finds an unexpected use for the Floating Illusion sculpture on Avoca Beach in 2015 Photo: Allan Lambel

The drizzle at dawn did nothing to deter local artist Ms Jean Scott as she worked with fellow artist Mr Michael Bennett Williams to install a sculpture on Avoca Beach as part of this year’s 5 Lands Walk.

In keeping with the title of the sculpture exhibition, Ephemera, the 2.5 metre high Floating Illusion installed by Ms Scott and Mr Bennett Williams was created out of discarded cardboard construction cylinders, which had been painted brilliant red to stand out on the sand. Their perseverance paid off when the grey clouds that had obscured the sunrise cleared away, and by the time the 5 Lands Walkers started moving through Avoca, the beach was bathed in bright sunshine. Organisers believe that more than 15,000 participants made the trek on the day, many of them pausing to interact with the sculptors. The artists were amused when a number of passersby decided to photograph the surf and surfers through their work. However, some stunning shots were achieved. As newcomers to sculpting, Ms Scott and Mr Bennett Williams were delighted by the positive response of the public and are already formulating ideas for their entry during next year’s 5 Lands Walk.

Article, 23 June 2015 Peter Munro

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