National Family History Month celebrated

Family History Month 2015Family History Month 2015

Central Coast Family History Society Inc will be celebrating National Family History Month with a number of initiatives.

Family History and Genealogy is one of the most popular hobbies around the world. Family history is the second biggest subject on the web with sites receiving billions of hits per year. There are over 250,000 Australians who are members of family history related organisations. The Central Coast Family History Society’s research centre will be open to visitors and members on Saturday, August 1. This will allow interested people the opportunity to speak with library assistants and members, explore the vast resources the society has to offer including a library of books and documents, microfi che, computers loaded with programs that will support people on their journey of discovery and most importantly, the expertise of the members. Researching one’s family story is much more than accessing computer websites, it often requires visits to archives and libraries. The open morning will allow for some hands on “help or a chat”. In the afternoon, a meeting will be held with guest speaker, Professor Richard Waterhouse returning by popular demand. He specialises in the history of Australian popular culture, and the social and cultural history of Rural Australia. Professor Waterhouse’s topic will be ‘Rural Life-The Land and its People’. On August 6, the society will present a hands on workshop at Kincumber Library called ‘Where Do I begin?’.

Media release, 28 June 2015 Deborah Buist, Central Coast Family History Society