Water bugs revealed

Macro invertebrates will be under the spotlight at a talk and field trip by the Central Coast Marine Discovery Centre and Community Environment Network

Join the Community Environment Network on Friday, June 19 at the Marine Discovery Centre Terrigal for a presentation on water bugs.

Water bug expert, Mr John Gooderham will present fascinating tales and underwater footage of creatures living in freshwater streams. The presentation will be followed by a morning of fi eld work including dip netting, catching and identifying local water bugs in Ourimbah Creek on Saturday, June 20. The event will be conducted by the Community Environment Network’s Waterwatch program. Waterwatch is a national water quality monitoring and catchment education program involving schools, community groups and landholders. The Central Coast Waterwatch program is supported by the Greater Sydney Local Land Service. “Water bugs are macro invertebrates such as water mites, mayfly nymphs, dragonfly nymphs and water boatman that are just big enough to see without microscopes,” said Ms Samantha Willis, Central Coast Waterwatch coordinator. “They prefer to live in creeks that are undisturbed and not polluted and are therefore a good indicator of a healthy waterway,” Ms Willis said. “The presence and abundance of different types of macro invertebrates can provide an indication of the health of the ecosystem,” she said.

Media release, 14 June 2015 Samantha Willis, Central Coast Waterwatch