Ugandan children’s choir performs at Green Point

Green Point Christian College hosted a performance by the Watoto Children's Choir

Green Point Christian College hosted the Watoto Children’s Choir on Thursday, June 4.

Over 800 people attended the concert which was part of the choir’s Oh What live tour. Watoto is a holistic care program initiated in response to the overwhelming number of orphaned children and vulnerable women in Uganda. It exists to raise the next generation of African leaders by pursuing excellence in academic and practical skills. On the night, funds were raised for 15 Watoto children to be sponsored, including over $3,600 collected from a ‘Love Offering’ along with donations and merchandise sales that will go towards the restoration work of Watoto. Forresters Beach Resort donated accommodation for the Watoto Choir team leaders and drivers and Green Point Christian College families welcomed choir members into their homes.

Newsletter, 12 June 2015 Debra Walls, principal, Green Point Christian College