NBN rollout doesn’t appear to be happening

I get around North Gosford and Wyoming a lot, on foot and by bus, and I have yet to see any sign of NBN rollout touted by this Tory government and its lackeys.

Those lucky enough to have fibre (no domestic houses yet, and probably never will be, thanks to this vision-less government) are distinguished by a small grey square box (not the rectangular one) on the outside wall; there are very few commercial buildings sporting these.

According to NBN Co (I have spoken to them), houses will never get fibre, and thus will be stuck with the second-rate copper scheme with ADSL speeds instead, as the rest of the world forges ahead on true fibre.

On the plus side, NBN informed me that home units will have to wait until next year, where they will be blessed with true fibre via their own ‘mini node’ on the building.

Who voted for this backwards – looking government anyway?

Letter, 1 June 2015
Dave Horsfall, North