Hartcher’s entitlement to access ministers questioned

Former member for Terrigal, Mr Chris Hartcher may be able to meet with current Liberal ministers in his new role as a lobbyist for a NSW property developer.

Shadow NSW attorney general, Mr Paul Lynch MP has said that NSW premier, Mr Mike Baird, would not guarantee that Liberal ministers would not be permitted to meet Mr Hartcher.

“Mr Hartcher is under investigation by the ICAC yet Mr Baird is happy for him to lobby Liberal ministers,” Mr Lynch said.

“If the ICAC hearings were enough to push Mr Hartcher to the crossbench, then why is it acceptable for him to have access to government ministers?

“The Liberals have been going on about cleaning up NSW politics but twice now the premier has refused to rule out giving Mr Hartcher access.

“It appears Mike Baird has no qualms about Mr Hartcher profiting from his government contacts despite the ICAC proceedings.

“The Labor leader has banned his Shadow Cabinet from meeting with lobbyists under investigation by the ICAC.

“Why can’t Mr Baird do the same?

“It’s quite simple, the Premier should rule out the possibility that Mr Hartcher will be lobbying the government.”

Mr Hartcher is waiting for the final report from an ICAC investigation into illegal donations in the 2011 NSW election campaign in the expectation that it will clear him.

Media release,
29 May 2015
Paul Lynch MP, NSW
shadow attorney general
Jackie Pearson, journalist