Ecovillage celebrates milestone

Narara Ecovillage Cooperative has just installed 30kW of renewable PV power on its administration building

The Narara Ecovillage Co-operative has just celebrated two years of gaining ownership of its 62 hectares.

The coop has also recently installed 30kW of renewable PV power on its administration building as part of a goal to develop its own smart grid for a community of around 120 houses. Mr John Talbott, project director of the Ecovillage said: “We have designed our building standards so that our houses will supply as much energy as they use over 12 months, and we have been very fortunate that our current members were able to fi nance   our initial 30kW PV system.” The Ecovillage has teamed up with the Central Coast Community Energy (CCCE) group to assist with two free workshops organised by the NSW Offi ce of Environment and Heritage (OEH) in Terrigal on Thursday, June 25. The workshops will be held at Terrigal Surf Lifesaving Club on The Esplanade, Terrigal. “The workshops will provide exciting opportunities to hear about examples of local renewable energy projects,” Mr Talbott said. Mr Gordon Fraser, regional coordinator for Clean Energy Hunter Central Coast at the NSW Offi ce of Environment and Heritage (OEH) said: “These workshops will be a great opportunity for those interested in building the capacity for renewable energy, by bringing together those with common interests, and should not be missed.” Dr Jo Muller from CCCE said: “We are planning a variety of ways the community can develop renewable energy, including working with a club or other community organisation to install a large, solar PV plant.” The Narara Ecovillage Co-operative aims to build a world-class ecovillage on the site of the former Gosford Horticultural Institute, according to Mr Talbott. “It is forming a sustainable community of members while awaiting fi nal approvals for the infrastructure building stage,” he said.

Media release, 15 june 2015 John Shiel, Narara Ecovillage Cooperative