Bulldoze Gosford and start again

The building of the proposed Tax Office in Gosford CBD can only be a good thing for residents and young people in the area by providing jobs.

Gosford and Woy Woy are, realistically, ghost towns, due to the neglect of infrastructure and non-action by local council and state governments.

I think the best thing for Gosford is to bulldoze the whole town and make a large supermarket complex and units, parks and gardens out of the whole area.

Many times, over many years, the NSW Government has been asked to run a bus service between the two town centres of a night for many reasons, but non-action and closed minds have refused, saying that it is not needed.

Pensioners who live at West Gosford and Point Clare are prisoners in their own homes as they can’t afford taxi fares to go out for dinner.

Premier Mike Baird’s portfolio was infrastructure, but he doesn’t think that transport needs are an infrastructure issue.

Letter, 25 May 2015
John Airey, Point Clare