Award winning documentary to mark Refugee Week

‘No Fire Zone’, a film about the final weeks of the Sri Lankan Civil War in 2013, will be screened at Avoca Beach Picture Theatre to mark Refugee Week on Thursday, June 11.

Guest speaker, Mr Jegan Waran, a retired engineer who was a survivor of the No Fire Zone, will speak at the conclusion of the award-winning documentary.

“An important opportunity is coming up,” said Jo Merrick, founder of Central Coast for Social Justice.

“Refugee Week is not necessarily one of those touchy, feel-good cultural festivals or celebrations, nor about our acts of charity but rather recognising and responding to the horror refugees have fled from and may face again should we not pay attention to history,” Ms Merrick said.

A representative from the Tamil Refugee Council will participate in a question and answer session with Mr Waran.

Media release,

27 May 2015

Jo Merrick, Central Coast

for Social Justice