Will election promises be delivered?

The State Liberal Government has promised big spending on the Central Coast, only if elected.

Well they can’t spend if not elected. Why now? What happened to the last three years? They now want your vote. The promises will be broken, just like the Federal Liberal Government who made promises to get elected. After being elected, they have broken every promises. Where are the Central Coast Liberal State Members who made promises, if elected? The State Liberal Party dismissed them. The people who voted for them wasted their vote. Voters on the Central Coast who commute daily to their place of employment by train, especially those who travel a long distance, should look at the Liberal State Government of the past. When the Askin State Liberal Government was in power, the NSW rail system and its workshops were neglected for the time he was in power. No money was spent on rail infrastructure during that period. The main line locomotives were travelling around our state, with the tyres on most of those locomotives close to condemning. I know this has to be a fact as I measured many of those locomotives’ tyres. Partially, the result of this neglect was the 83 passengers who died and the 213 passengers who were injured, as well as the trauma that the passengers have suffered when locomotive 4620 left the rails, with its first two carriages and struck two sets of pylons that supported the Bold St bridge at Granville, which brought down 570 tonnes of bridge, mainly onto carriages three and four. Locomotive 4620 rolled on its side 70 metres past the bridge. The people in NSW elected a Wran led Labor Government, and that government spent billions of dollars on rail infrastructure, trying to repair the damage that the previous Government had left them. The next Liberal Government whose transport minister has the same surname as the incumbent Liberal Premier (2015), made amazing decisions. He closed all major rail workshops, as well as country depots. He also closed the rail apprentice training college at Chullora. This college was rated the most up to date college in Australia. The college had trained young persons as tradespersons for the future of all Australia. During this minister’s period, there were thousands of rail and bus employees made redundant, many years before the end of their working life. The employees took with them 500,000 years of knowledge that could have been used to build the railways of the future. Now the incumbent premier wants to sell the poles and wires of NSW. This statement seems to run in the family. Remember this, those retired politicians who made bad decisions, now live their life on big pensions, paid by the tax payer who has to suffer their decisions.


10 Mar 2015

Vic Wulf, Gosford