Greyhound races at Gosford unaffected by recent live baiting scandal

Greyhound races at Gosford have not been affected by the recent live baiting scandal, according to NSW Greyhound Breeders, Owners and Trainers’ Association (GBOTA) executive officer Mr Brenton Scott.

“I can advise that attendance at Gosford meetings during the past month has remained consistent,” Mr Scott said.

“The same can be said for bar, catering and wagering turnover.

“We are continuing to do our bit in presenting greyhound racing as an enjoyable night out.

“To the best of my knowledge, there have been no live baiting accusations in the Gosford region.

“Obviously, this is a difficult time for the greyhound industry and the vast majority of law abiding, decent participants who race their greyhounds fairly and with high regard for animal welfare.

“The revelations in the Four Corners programme were appalling and completely indefensible. “The greyhound industry would argue that those involved were and are very much a minority but, understandably, there is a tendency for everybody to be tarred with the one brush.

“On a positive note, there can be no doubt that the NSW greyhound industry has reacted to the live baiting issue in the most appropriate way, given the circumstances.

“The Board of GRNSW (the peak body responsible for regulation of the industry) has stood down and an independent taskforce has been put in place.

“The independent taskforce will be headed by former High Court justice, Michael McHugh AC, QC and includes the CEO of the RSPCA and a senior member of the NSW police force.

“It will investigate and provide recommendations regarding immediate changes required to ensure the highest possible animal welfare standards and the best possible regulatory and integrity practices are in place whilst also ensuring that animal cruelty is completely eradicated from the industry.

“In the meantime, our job is to keep presenting racing at Gosford professionally and to put to the wider community that greyhound racing remains a sound product enjoyed by decent people, the very great majority of whom want the sport to be run in a fair, law abiding manner, aligned to community expectation,” he said.

Media statement,

3 Mar 2015

Brenton Scott, NSW