FebFast to help re-boot your health

FebFast is calling all Gosford residents to take a break from unhealthy habits this February, to help vulnerable kids struggling with addiction to get back on track.

By saying ‘no’ to their vices and enjoying 28 days of good health, 28 Gosford residents generously raised $3,105 last February.

All funds raised provide much needed support and early intervention for young people tackling drug, alcohol and mental health issues.

The campaign, which has raised nearly $7 million in eight years, is introducing some all-new fasts for 2015. FebFasters can now choose to take a break from alcohol, sugar, junk food, social media or smoking.

FebFast national director Mr Josh Comer said that the new fasts have been introduced by popular demand and they’re aiming to address some of the nation’s most common bad habits.

“We’ve had a lot of feedback from participants that junk food and smoking should be included and we also know that social media is a modern habit that takes up a lot of time and energy for many of us,” said Mr Comer.

“FebFast is the perfect excuse to re-boot your health after the silly season and it also gives us a tiny insight into the lives of thousands of Aussie kids struggling with addiction in Australia every year.

Funds raised from FebFast will support a number of charities, including Youth Support and Advocacy Service and Family Drug Support, helping young people regain control in their lives.

Media release,

15 Dec 2014

Elle Johnson, FebFast