Candidate did good deeds as a citizen

Congratulations to Ms Kathy Smith who was elected as candidate for the Australian Labor Party for the state seat of Gosford.

Some years back I met Ms Smith at a Cancer Council two day seminar at Erina. Ms Smith was an advocate for better health in our local community.

Ms Smith fought for funding from both State and Federal governments for a radiotherapy machine for Gosford Hospital’s cancer patients. It should be noted that Ms Smith had petitions all over the Central Coast, and over 20,000 persons signed them.

If Ms Smith did that as a Central Coast citizen, what could she do and achieve as the elected member for Gosford?

Now that the radiotherapy machine is in use at Gosford Hospital, most cancer patients do not have to travel to Sydney or Newcastle for their treatment, five days a week for six to seven weeks.

The hours wasted every day in the long trips by sick people can now be used for rest, which will improve their health. I hope the people who live in the area that covers the seat of Gosford vote for Ms Smith, as she deserves to be your member.

Letter, 11 Jan 2015

Vic Wulf, Wyoming