Ettalong Beach Foreshore Development is Perfect for Gosford

How good to see the spectacular development of the Ettalong Beach foreshore with its sympathetic preservation of the natural beauty of the area, while offering a nice balance of unobtrusive facilities to users.

The Gosford waterfront is just as beautiful and the gateway to our city. This raises the question of why Gosford Council is adopting such a different approach to the development of our waterfront. Instead of play areas, fi tness stations, picnic shelters, shared pedestrian and bicycle paths, shady trees and cafe, we are being saddled with tall buildings, fi nger wharves, a marina, boutique hotel, and a myriad of commercial developments. Let’s have the same sympathetic development as Ettalong Beach and make our waterfront beautiful open public space too.

Email, 17 Nov 2014
Carey Buls, Saratoga

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