Work found for over 200 persons with a disability

Over 200 persons with a disability have been placed into employment as a result of the partnership between Job Centre Australia Limited and the Saronbell Pty. Ltd. group of McDonald’s restaurants.

Job Centre Australia’s key account manager Travis Williamson said: “The opportunities McDonald’s have provided to persons with a disability should be applauded.” “We have placed people into various roles including customer areas, service areas, McCafe and maintenance staff with many going onto permanent career paths with these restaurants.” Saronbell owner Ron Mussalli owns 10 McDonald’s restaurants across the Central Coast, including West Gosford, Gosford, Wyoming, Lisarow, Erina and Erina Fair. Job Centre Australia presented Mr Mussalli and his two senior managers framed rugby league jerseys of their team of choice as well as a plaque for each of Saronbell’s 10 Central Coast restaurants. Mr Mussalli said: “We are motivated and enthusiastic to see where our successful partnership with Job Centre Australia will continue to take us.” “This partnership has been rewarding and has allowed Saronbell Pty Ltd to play a bigger role in our community as well as provide job opportunities to many persons with a disability.”

Media release, 9 Sep 2014
Travis Williamson, Job
Centre Australia