State of the art upgrade planned for Point Clare

A school upgrade is currently in the planning process for Point Clare Public School.

Point Clare Public School principal Mr David Harris said detailed discussions were being conducted as to what educational principles should be kept in mind with the building project. “We have been looking at different classroom designs from around Australia and internationally, talking about what we want learning to look like at Point Clare into the future and discussing how any building will maximise space for the children in the playground,” said Mr Harris. “The government architects and landscape design people are working up some concept ideas.” Mr Harris travelled to Sydney on Friday, October 3, to meet with educational consultant Ms Julia Aitken who has been involved in classroom design in Victoria and New Zealand. “The project team were all involved and a great deal of discussion took place in regards to creating something special at Point Clare,” said Mr Harris.

Newsletter, 7 Oct 2014
David Harris, Point Clare
Public School