Roadside assistance provided by locals

Central Coast locals Mr Peter Richardson and Mr Ben Askins have launched 365 Roadside Assistance designed to take on the larger service providers.

“Customers aren’t happy with the level of service they’re getting from the big guys,” said Mr Richardson, of North Avoca. “So we’ve focused on technology and local knowledge to make sure customers receive assistance and soon as possible.” By focusing on customer experience through mobile technology, the service is already experiencing high levels of customer satisfaction,” said Point Clare resident Mr Askins. “Mobile is central to the customer’s experience of roadside assistance. “Stuck on the side of the road at 1am they don’t need to fi nd a payphone. “They can just use their mobile device to tap into our network and get instant assistance, whenever wherever,” Mr Askins said. Mr Askins said 365’s national assistance network was developed by listening to and focusing on local and independent repairers. The business aims to provide a new way for repairers to connect and talk to their dwindling customer base. “After all, the customer does not always breakdown close to home and they need to try and stay away from the big guys’ expensive repair centres.” Mr Richardson said: “The change to car registrations with no stickers has been another hit on the industry repairers’ bottom line.” “Customers simply don’t always know when their rego is due. “Our platform provides a way for repairers to link directly with their customers and be alerted whenever they require assistance as well as connect with their customers before rego dates.” The service has a standard annual membership starting from $89 and a premium membership from $119. The service has no limits to callouts and includes accident coordination and towing.

Media release, Sep 2 2014
Peter Richardson, 365