Kitty wants to skate for Australia

Ten-year-old Kitty Masters of Saratoga has been awarded the lucrative Hollins Trophy for figure skating for the second year running.

Kitty took up skating at age five, under the instruction of former international skater Melodie Makey. Kitty has remained undefeated so far this year, competing in a skill group that is mostly made up of 15-17-year-olds, and winning. Kitty’s level of skating is not far from European and American standard at this same age, performing impressive moves like double rotation jumps. Kitty has high aspirations to compete internationally, representing her country, and will certainly get there if she keeps on track. A major dream would be to represent Australia at the Winter Olympics. Kitty trains at least four days a week at both Erina and Sydney Ice rinks, a regular training session is two hours as figure skating, but Kitty is hooked on it, with no end to her motivation in sight.

Email, 27 Sep 2014
Kristen Masters, Saratoga