Quarry protest should be reconsidered

The recent furore about the proposal by Rexdor Pty Ltd to continue recycling materials at the Kincumber Quarry, a local icon, is quite disappointing yet so typical.


On one side you have a family (the Normans) who have lived in Kincumber since the early 1800s. I believe the first white child born in Kincumber was a Norman. The family have contributed to the area and local community ever since by farming and by operating, since the 1950s, Kincumber quarry. Sandstone, fill and road base have been supplied to many rural properties in the area and on the Central Coast, including my property at MacMasters Beach. Old Rex Norman, God bless his soul, delivered the rock himself as he thought my driveway was too dangerous for anyone else to deliver it. The quarry and the Normans have supported Kincumber and the Central Coast region. They have provided jobs, yes that rare thing that keeps families and communities together. The Normans’ contribution to the local community is well known. Just look at MacMasters Beach Surf Club. On the other side, you have the usual vocal, selfinterested “Jonny come latelies” who shrilly distort the facts and bully and complain and disseminate false and alarming propaganda about the end of the world. And what are they whinging about you may ask? Recycling! Yes, recycling! I thought recycling was the future. This is a case of “not in my backyard”. Yet all the residents bought their land with full knowledge about the quarry because the quarry was there decades before the houses and many of the residents bought land next to the quarry from the Normans. It is disappointing that my grandson is attending Kincumber Public School to learn how to read, write and other life skills, yet the school, from the principal down the P and C, is engaged in a political campaign to stop the recycling Normans. The school should take time out to reconsider its position. They might go down to the school’s remembrance memorial to ruminate. There they might observe the monument to another Norman who was killed in action in Malaysia serving his country and community in the Second World War.

Letter, 29 Aug 2014
Alan Bingham,
MacMasters Beach