Kitchen Garden Program at Kulnura

Students at Kulnura Public school are taking part in the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program.

Stage two teacher Ms Rebecca Love and parent Rachel Jackson have attended two workshops in Sydney to learn to incorporate sustainable living into all aspects of everyday life. This information has been passed on to the Stage two students with the weekly class preparation of a dish made from the school kitchen garden. The lessons are solidly English and mathematics based as well as incorporating sustainability practices, with the children participating in all aspects of production, including composting, worm farming, paper recycling and environmental projects with Gosford Council. Assistance in constructing raised garden beds has been provided by families from the school, and local business, Mountains Landscape Supplies provided soil and mulch. Families have also supplied cooking utensils as well as ingredients necessary for the garden. Plans to further the program include improving the kitchen and cooking area and adding an orchard and chook pen to the garden area to further improve the school’s sustainability.

Newsletter, 5 Sep 2014
Helen Dwyer, Kulnura
Public School
Courtesy of Mangrove
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