ABC Local Radio to come back to the Coast

ABC Local Radio has confirmed it will be moving back to the Central Coast after a period of being based in the ABC’s Ultimo studio following the closure of the Erina Fair studio.

NSW local content manager Andy Henley confirmed that a lease had been locked down for a location on Donnison St in Gosford. Although Mr Henley wouldn’t nominate an exact date for broadcasting to commence from the new office, he said the “best guess” was a mid-October start. The move comes after fears that the end of ABC Local Radio on the Central Coast was imminent. Mr Henley said that while temporarily broadcasting from Ultimo “certainly wasn’t ideal”, the main impacts were personal and felt by the employees having to commute to the station from the Central Coast. Mr Henley said he hoped that the move back to the Central Coast would secure the long term presence of ABC Local Radio in the area. “We’re very pleased to keep our presence on the Central Coast, it’s an important part of what the ABC does,” he said.

Lachlan Leeming,
25 Aug 2014
Interviewee: Andy Henley