Water main break on Scenic Highway

One lane along part of the Scenic Highway at Terrigal was closed at around 4:50pm on Thursday, August 14, while Gosford Council crews repaired a water main that had broken in the area.

The north-bound lane of the Scenic Highway heading into Terrigal was closed between Wilson Rd and the Terrigal Esplanade.

The main broke near the corner of Tiarri Crescent and the Scenic Highway.

Gosford Council’s Director of Construction and Operations Mr Stan Antczak has praised crews for their efforts to restore water supply services to residents.

“Due to the hard work of our crews, the water main was repaired and the water supply returned to around 120 properties in under five hours,” Mr Antczak said.

“One lane along part of the Scenic Highway heading into Terrigal that was closed as part of the repairs was eventually reopened around 7pm.

“Some damage to the road surface in Tiarri Crescent was also temporarily repaired to allow it to be reopened to residents.

“This minor damage will be fully repaired by our crews as soon as possible. “Investigations into the cause of the main failure are continuing.

“Unfortunately, water main breaks are unforeseen events that all water and sewer utilities across the country have to deal with.

“When responding to these events, we always strive to ensure the safety of the community, assess any damage, repair the break and re-establish the water supply to the affected area as quickly as possible.

“I would like to take this opportunity to offer my sincere apology for any inconvenience caused to affected residents during our efforts to repair this water main and return the water supply to affected properties.

“We currently invest over $1 million annually on our Water Main Renewal Program with an average of around 2.5 kilometres of mains replaced each year.

“This work reduces the risk of water main breaks and helps protect drinking water quality.”

Media release,
14 Aug 2014
Gosford Council media