Smart Work Hub an added attraction

Gosford Council has pledged to promote the benefi ts of the Local
Government Area, with its access to a Smart Work Hub, as an
attractive place to which to relocate.

The NSW Government recently announced details of its Smart Work Hub Pilot Program, which forms part of the 2014 Priorities for the $65 billion NSW Economic Development Framework.

As part of this program, the state government is supporting the establishment of a number of Smart Work Hubs in areas with large commuter populations, including Gosford City and Wyong Shire.

Gosford City’s Smart Work Hub will be located in the redeveloped Kibbleplex Centre in the Gosford CBD, and both the Gosford and Wyong hubs will be managed by Gosford Council.

The Smart Work Hub can ensure (that up to 30) commuters each day spend less time on the road and public transport systems, and further promotes Gosford City as an attractive place to live, work and play.

Gosford Council Agenda
NM.16, 22 Jul 2014
Kaitlin Watts, 22 Jul 2014