Proposed name changes dropped

Gosford Council has resolved to take no further action with regards to the renaming of two of Gosford City’s landmarks

It was proposed that The Broadwater – the cove adjacent to Central Coast Stadium – be renamed ‘Mariners Cove’ to recognise the nautical significance and maritime history of the area, and align with the community spirit and pride associated with the Central Coast Mariners.
Council received a written request from Central Coast Mariners director Mr Mike Charlesworth last year requesting that council consider naming the cove Mariners Cove.
In his letter to council, Mr Charlesworth explained that the creation of Mariners Cove would add extra meaning to the area and would provide useful branding for future commercial and social development, as well as reinforcing that the long term home of the Central Coast Mariners is at the Gosford Waterfront.
Council previously resolved to commence discussions with the Department of Primary Industries – Catchments and Lands and the Geographical Names Board with the view of creating the name Mariners Cove.
According to the report to council by the Department, based on the available information including the historical significance of The Broadwater and the number of objections already received, it was unlikely that the Geographical Names Board would accept a renaming of The Broadwater.
“As commercialisation is the main reason for the desired change, it should be noted that this will also count against the proposal,” states the report.
Cr Gabby Bowles said she thought it was “fair enough that the community was upset about this” and that geographical location and naming and commercial interests was something that should be kept very separate.
“The letter from Mr Charlesworth was probably a bit advantageous and he thought he’d just have a go,” said Cr Bowles.
Cr Craig Doyle said he did not and would never support it.
“I thought we killed this off when it came up last time.
“It has been a waste of resources to date, an insult to my intelligence and the intelligence of the community,” said Cr Doyle.
Council will also not pursue the proposed renaming of Brisbane Water, although Cr Bowles suggested there was no harm in taking it to public consultation, however, she was outvoted 8-2 with only the mayor in her favour.
Brisbane Water was named after Sir Thomas Makdougall Brisbane who was the sixth Governor of NSW between 1821 and 1825.
Cr Doyle said: “When things are named after historical places or events, I am loathe to change.”
“It would have to be something of extreme worth or earn to consider change.”

Gosford Council Agenda,
GRO.8 & GRO.9, 22 Jul 2014
Kaitlin Watts, 22 Jul 2014