Only brick and concrete to be recycled at Kincumber

The owners of Kincumber Quarry, Michael and Peter Norman, have responded to residents’ concerns about the rezoning proposal currently before Gosford Council.

“We take our responsibility to the local community very seriously,” said Michael, the manager of the facility.

“The Norman family has been a part of Kincumber’s history for nearly 200 years and we want that to continue.”

Kincumber Quarry has operated from its current site for over 60 years, and the proposal before council will legitimise concrete and brick recycling.

“The materials we are interested in recycling are completely inert – brick and concrete that can be used in road and housing base,” explained Peter.

“There’s absolutely no chance we will be taking chemical, restaurant or scrap metal waste as some have claimed.”

Kincumber Quarry provides sandstone and other material for local landscaping, construction and building businesses.

“Being able to offer crushed concrete services to the local community would further help these employers,” said Michael.

“There’s not another facility that offers this in the Gosford LGA.

“It’s a great service to support local jobs and reduce long trips across the Coast for these small companies.”

Responding to concerns about environmental and health impacts, Michael said: “Peter and I have worked here for decades; we take careful precautions and follow strict Environment Protection Authority protocols to protect the health of our employees and our neighbours, including from substances we don’t accept, like asbestos.

“Recycling building materials like concrete and brick is a responsible way to ensure a sustainable environment for our kids growing up on the Coast.”

Media release,

15 Aug 2014

Pat Norman,

Kincumber Quarry