Mother’s no nonsense guide released

Gosford mum Heather Irvine has released “The Birth of the Modern Mum”, a mother’s no nonsense guide to looking after herself in baby’s first year.

Ms Irvine, who is a clinical psychologist and head of the R. E. A. D. Clinic, said so much of modern motherhood is targeted at looking good (even when you feel bad) and making your baby look good (even though he or she won’t settle or feed or stop crying).

“The Miranda Kerr’s and Heidi Klum’s of the world make it look easy: have a baby and get back on the runway three days later with a flat stomach, silky hair and glowing skin,” said Ms Irvine.

“What about the mothers who get acne from pregnancy, or whose hair turns grey, or who can’t lose their baby belly in 10 seconds flat?

“Of course you love your new baby, but don’t let anybody fool you – motherhood is hard work.

“Yes, you might pee your pants occasionally, and that’s you, mum, we’re talking about. “Yes, you might get cracked nipples, yes you might lose your single friends, and as terrible as it sounds, yes, at the end of a long day of non- stop crying, faeces in your hair and exhaustion, you might want to give up on motherhood altogether,” said Ms Irvine.

Tapping into the realistic image of motherhood and leaving the doldrums of typical medical books behind, “The Birth of the Modern Mum” looks at serious issues such as Postnatal Depression (PND), relationship changes and physical changes that mothers face in their first year with a new baby.

From tips on getting through a day alone with baby and dealing with your mother in-law, to learning how to laugh with your butt cheeks clenched and legs crossed tight, Heather Irvine introduces the Modern Mum.