Funding sought to assist residents without sewer facilities

Gosford Council has agreed to investigate the introduction of a swewer levy for residents who are unable to access sewer services and are therefore being financially disadvantaged due to costs associated with pump-out services.

Council at its meeting of July 22 was presented with concerns by a resident living in Erina Heights who was unable to access sewer services.

According to the Notice of Motion by Cr Deanna Bocking put forward to council’s meeting of August 12, over many years council has been able to provide sewer services to many of its residential, commercial and industrial properties through the levying of special charges (loan rates), combined with funding from the state and federal government.

“Those properties within the Gosford LGA currently not serviced with reticulated sewer either utilise onsite waste disposal systems or the pump-out service.”

Cr Bocking said there were currently 84 properties utilising the pump-out service.

Twenty-one of these 84 properties are currently identified to be serviced under the Cockle Bay Priority Sewerage Program (CBPSP).

This Program is being partially funded by the State Government and the remainder through charges levied on properties serviced under the scheme.

Cr Bocking said council staff had advised the estimated cost to service the remaining 63 properties on pump-out to councils existing sewer reticulation system would be in the vicinity of $13 million.

Council has also agreed to request the State and Federal Government’s assistance via any appropriate funding opportunities or any other federal or state funded services program, to assist in the provision of reticulated sewer to residents on pumpout in the Gosford City area.

Gosford Council agenda

NM.19, 12 Aug 2014