Conservatorium offering Music Therapy

The Central Coast Conservatorium is now offering Music Therapy to people of all ages and abilities on the Central Coast.

The Music Therapy sessions at the Conservatorium are tailored for individuals and groups and provide client centred goals and objectives.

Music therapy aims to improve a person’s health, functioning and wellbeing in a therapeutic setting that uses music interventions as the primary tool.

Goals such as increasing social skills, providing ways to interact and communicate verbally and non-verbally, developing cognitive awareness, gaining sensory motor skills, promoting relaxation, providing opportunities for reminiscence, working towards rehabilitation and providing opportunities for self-expression can all be addressed through various music therapy techniques.

An example of techniques that might be employed in a typical music therapy session are improvisation, song writing, action songs, music and movement, receptive music and familiar song singing.

Populations that music therapy may be used with include children and adults with intellectual and/or physical disabilities, mood disorders, neurological disorders, rehabilitation for stroke patients, behavioural problems and elderly and dementia patients.

Email, 29 Jul 2014
Lisa Kelly, Central Coast