Somersby land to be rezoned

CCNews_Somersby_BoundariesGosford Council has supported the preparation of a planning proposal to rezone an area of land along Peats Ridge Rd at Somersby that would potentially allow for several new rural residences.

The land was previously subject to the Somersby Fields proposal, which following community opposition, was refused by the Minister for Planning. The proposal would include the rezoning of the western section of Lot 41 to E3 Environmental Management and the creation of six rural lifestyle lots ranging from 2.4 to 3.7 hectares.

The eastern section of the lot would be rezoned to E2 Environmental Conservation with a dwelling envelope to be located on the western section. This lot would form a residue E2 lot, with a dwelling entitlement and have an area of 20.75 hectares.

Under the E3 zoning, the land could be utilised for animal boarding or training; establishments; bed and breakfast accommodation; dwelling houses; environmental protection works; extensive agriculture; home based child care; home industries; roads; roadside stalls; secondary dwellings; veterinary hospitals; and water storage facilities, providing consent is obtained.

Under the E2 zoning, the land could be used for bed and breakfast accommodation; dwelling houses, environmental facilities; environmental protection works; home occupations; recreation areas; roads; and water storage facilities, again on the provision of consent being received.

According to the report to Council by the Department Governance and Planning, the E3 zone, with a more limited range of land uses, better reflects the environmental values of the land and also reduces the range of potentially incompatible agricultural land uses in close proximity to the school.

“It would allow a clustering of rural lifestyle lots within an environmental setting, with dwelling houses located in predominately cleared areas, whilst retaining vegetation (particularly in the central section of the E3 land and along the Peats Ridge Rd frontage).

“The residue E2 zoned lot could be developed for one dwelling house with the bulk of the vegetation on the land to be retained, with no further subdivision.”

Gosford Council agenda
GOV.20, 8 Jul 2014