Red light camera urgently needed

I appeal in desperation to have a red speed light camera and other devices installed, in the public interest, at the Point Clare Railway Station and intersection at Talinga Ave.

In the last few months, I personally have witnessed, time after time, cars and trucks speeding down the hill coming off the over bridge. In one incident, a young mother with a child in hand and one in the pram, pressed the lights to cross the crossing, and a cement truck sped on the inside lane and narrowly missed this family.At present the people of the area are living in fear that a child or family will be wiped out. To my knowledge two accidents have occurred since the lights were installed. I am not the only person that it is worrying about this intersection.

The business community can also testify to what I am saying. At the last accident, I was interviewed by the local newspaper in which, when I was the local progress association secretary, we pointed this out to the Roads and Traffic Authorities who have done nothing about this problem. The local community are asking, do we have to have a death of a child or family to prove we are right? We are looking for help from the NSW police force to stop the speeding down the hill towards the local school. I personally trust that something will be done very soon.

Email, 9 Jul 2014
Robert Findley,
Point Clare