Mountain Summit to be held in Council Chambers

The inaugural Mountain Summit Meeting, a project of the Mountain Districts Association Inc. will be held in the Gosford Council Chambers on Thursday, August 21.

Senator for NSW Deborah O’Neill will be the patron of the event with students from the fi ve Mountain Community primary schools comprising Central Mangrove, Peats Ridge, Somersby, Kulnura, and Spencer as well as home education and off mountain primary school students, participating in the event.

“While the Mangrove Mountain Districts Young Ambassador program has been successful, we believe there is more we can do to engage the young people of our district in community affairs,” said Mountain Districts Association subcommittee president Mr Neil Berecry-Brown.

“These are our citizens of the future and for them to have a greater understanding of civics and service to the good of their community is vital for us all. “We think that direct participation in a civic/ representative process would be both empowering and potentially very effective learning. “Consequently we have organised the ‘Mountain Summit. “Prior to August 21, we will be arranging processes of delegate selection, as well as tuition and guidance to help the potential delegates prepare,” said Mr Berecry- Brown.

There will be a role for the current Young Ambassador at the Summit and the next Mountain Districts Young Ambassador will be chosen through an ‘election’ process for the Summit as well as on performance on August 21. “The summit will be an occasion for our young representatives to present, discuss and vote on the issues important to the Mountain Districts at this time, and for its future,” said Mr Berecry-Brown.

Newsletter, 21 Jun 2014
Kirsty Squires, Somersby
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