Labor politicians call for more funding for social housing

Central Coast Affordable Housing Forum

Central Coast Affordable Housing Forum

Opposition Leader John Robertson, Shadow Minister for Housing Sophie Cotsis, Labor MLC for the Central Coast Greg Donnelly and Labor Candidate for Wyong David Harris met with locals and housing providers at an affordable housing forum at Coast Shelter in Gosford on Monday, July 21, following cuts to affordable housing.

“The cost of living has been on the rise under the Liberals – and housing is a fundamental need that is just becoming less and less affordable,” said Mr Robertson. “The Liberals have sold more social housing properties than they have built, and they have cut the budget to build new social housing in half compared with Labor’s last year in office. “It’s just another example of this Liberal Government being out of touch with the struggles people on the Central Coast and across NSW face every time they have to pay rent, a mortgage or household bills.

“Ms Cotsis said: “After three years of the Liberal Government, it is getting harder for families to access affordable housing on the Central Coast.”The latest figures show that there are more than 2,500 families on the Central Coast eligible for social housing – but are stuck on a waiting list. “The Liberals have cut funding to maintain existing properties, so there is a $330 million backlog of maintenance work for public housing – making it harder for tenants to have even basic repairs done.

“The Liberals have also cut funding for many local homelessness services, including Regional Youth Support Services, Kamira Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment Services, Katakudu Women’s Housing and Toukley Women’s Refuge.” Mr Donnelly condemned the failure of the state MPs Chris Hartcher (Terrigal), Chris Holstein (Gosford), Darren Webber (Wyong) and Chris Spence (The Entrance) to fight for more affordable housing on the Central Coast. “The Liberals’ agenda of budget cuts and privatisations will not deliver better services for Central Coast families,” Mr Donnelly said.

“Many of the 2,500 Central Coast families on the waiting list for social housing will have to wait more than 10 years before they are allocated a home. “Labor is listening to people’s concerns, and we will fight to ensure that all people on the Central Coast have access to affordable housing that is appropriate for their needs,” Mr Donnelly said. Mr Harris said: “It’s getting harder and harder for people on the Central Coast to find affordable housing. “Over the last decade, average rents on the Central Coast increased by 60%, but average household incomes have only increased by 45%. “Despite more families struggling to afford housing on the Central Coast, the Liberals have cut funding for social housing and crisis accommodation -which means less support is available for families in need,” Mr Harris said.

Media release, 21 Jul 2014
Chris Taylor, Office of
John Robertson