Scottish retailer moves to Gosford

Douglas McFarland, owner of McFarland Scottish and Celtic Supplies, has decided to invest in Gosford City and move his family business into Mann St.

McFarland Scottish and Celtic Supplies is a family business that has been operating for more than 20 years, specialising in Scottish import goods and cultural education. The store supplies kilts, bagpipes and all things highland dancing throughout Australia and the worldwide Scottish Community. The business first opened in 1990 by John and Veronica McFarland and, after John’s passing in 2010, the business was handed to Douglas, his son.

“My father, the original owner of the business, was born and raised in Gosford”, Mr McFarland said. “Our family has a strong history with the City. “Our family was taught to play Scottish instruments in Gosford City Pipe Band and it is exciting to be a part of the growth that is coming to this wonderful part of the world”, he said.

Douglas said he was a strong believer in the future growth of Gosford, with change and transformation on its way, he believes it is the ideal time to invest in Gosford. “Gosford is the heart of the Central Coast; always has been, always will be,” said Mr McFarland. “The changes that are coming to make Gosford a progressive City with a strong future are so exciting.

“It is a no-brainer as a businessman not to be involved in the transformation by investing in the CBD itself. “The Central Coast is full of people that are connected to their Scottish origins, making Gosford a key location for McFarland Scottish and Celtic Supplies. “Gosford has a proud connection to the Scots, some of our best known pioneers were Scottish or of Scottish descent.

“There is a large Scottish community here, the International Highland Dancing Championships are held here annually, our mayor is Scottish – it’s a logical choice to offer Scottish products to a people who have descended largely from the Scots,” he added.

Media release,
17 Jun 2014
Joshua Lucas, Strawberry