Protest march date set

The next March in Gosford event will be held on Saturday, July 12, from 12pm at Garnet Adcock Park, West Gosford.

“In just six months, Tony Abbott has managed upset a large number people, many of whom voted for his government,” said event coordinator Peter Deane. “That list includes the unemployed, pensioners, students, the working poor, the homeless, the aged, artists and entertainers, carers, climate scientists, any scientist at all, the sick, the Arabic community, environmentalists, females, the disabled, internet users, taxpayers, indigenous Australians, younger people, journalists, the terminally ill, trade unions, people who expect honesty from politicians and many more.

“We invite you to march with us if you feel you’re not happy with all the unfairness. “There will be some speakers arranged at the end of the march to let you know how they feel and you’ll probably agree. “This is a family event, so please keep your signs polite, but pointed,” he said. Mr Deane said the march wouldn’t take much longer than an hour and the route was 2km walking through to Gosford Waterfront, which has wheelchair access. There will be another March in Gosford scheduled for August.

Media Release 23 June 2014
Peter Deane,
March in Gosford