Future Council to debate environmental issues

Students from 10 local high schools will be debating environmental issues close to their heart at a series of mock council meetings on Friday, June 13.

Gosford Council’s chambers will be handed over to the Year 9 and 10 students as part of the Future Council program. “The Future Council program gives students the chance to experience the decision-making role of our elected representatives as well as look at topical environmental issues through a mock council scenario,” council’s environmental education officer Ms Anni Griffiths said. “Students will come to the chambers ready to debate both sides of a motion on each issue before other students playing the role of a councillor will discuss and vote on the issue.

“Some of the issues that will be debated include the use of shark nets at our beaches, banning the use of mountain bikes in natural reserves and proposals for high-density apartment complexes along the Gosford waterfront. “This unique program also helps students build research skills, encourages them to reflect on environmental issues they’re interested in, and gives them a better understanding about the role of council, councillors and staff,” said Ms Griffiths.

Future Council is part of council’s Beryl Strom Environment Award initiative. “The late Beryl Strom was a very active Gosford resident who worked hard to preserve the region’s natural and built environments by serving on many environment and heritage committees as well as regularly attending Council’s meetings,” Ms Griffiths added. “After her death in 2003, council launched the Beryl Strom Environment Award. “All students participating in next week’s event will receive a Beryl Strom Environment Award certificate.”

Media release, 5 Jun 2014
Gosford Council media