EPA issues clean up penalty notice

The NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) has issued two penalty notices to Timecon Pty Ltd, for failing to comply with a clean-up notice issued to the company for the unlawful disposal of waste, including asbestos waste on a property at Somersby.

Director of waste and resource recovery Mr Steve Beaman said that Timecon Pty Ltd had been issued with the clean-up notices after the company applied waste material to land at the premises in Somersby that was not approved for waste disposal. “In August 2013 the EPA identified that Timecon Pty Ltd had applied construction and demolition waste material, including asbestos fragments, to land at a premises in Somersby. “A verbal clean-up direction was immediately issued to the company by the EPA, followed by two written clean-up notices to facilitate the clean-up of the premises.

“The clean-up notice required the company to provide the EPA with a Waste Classifcation Report of all the waste material applied at the premises and an Asbestos Report detailing the nature and extent of asbestos contamination at the premises. “The company submitted an Asbestos Report to the EPA in November 2013 and a Waste Classification report in December 2013. “However the EPA was not satisfied that the reports submitted by the company met the requirements of the clean-up notice.

“The company was informed that the reports were not adequate and was given an extension of time, to February 24 to improve the reports. “The EPA has still not received adequate reports from the company and as a result the EPA issued two penalty notices to the company on May 29. “Timecon Pty Ltd is under a continuing obligation to provide the reports required by the clean-up notice. “The site is fenced off and the company is taking steps to remove asbestoscontaminated material from the premises. “The EPA will take the necessary regulatory action to ensure the premises are cleaned up.”

Media release,
2 Jun 2014 EPA