Council fails to stop illegal dumping

I have written to Gosford Council general manager Paul Anderson regarding Central Mangrove garbage tip (Bingo Mountain).

I invite everyone to request that: council stop all garbage being dumped on this site immediately; the members and owners of Mangrove Mountain RSL sub-branch be accepted as equal parties to any discussion that their requests on behalf of the community are fulfilled; and that the council accept responsibility for this disaster knowingly created by them and clean it up.

Give us back our community space and safe drinking water. Gosford Council created this “Bingo Mountain” monster knowing that it is an uplifted fractured sandstone aquifer on a creek, that the soak will enter the Mountain’s groundwater and Central Coast water supply. The revenue collected will assist with removal of waste. Keep in mind that much of the waste went into unlined craters.

Immediate action is needed. There have been professional and other photos and eye witness reports over many years of what went in. Council and the Environment Protection Authority were notified repeatedly. This disaster was driven by dollars and should never have happened. It must be cleaned up now, for the sake of the Mountain’s natural areas watered by the aquifer, Central Coast water quality and the area donated to us by some generous forward thinking local.

Letter 12 Jun 2014
Margaret Pontifex OAM,
Mangrove Mountain