ABC programming is not representative

I fully agree with the opening assertion of Howard Campbell’s letter (Coast Community News, June 11).

The Central Coast is in fact a great place to live and I too am sick of the “whinging whining minorities”, including the Friends of the ABC, who should stop all their moaning about budget cuts and, to pinch your phrase, “Get a life”. Our mean spirited Federal Government is attempting to undermine Medicare and cut the welfare safety net for younger Australians, but apparently, that’s all ok with the Aunty huggers, just so long as funding is kept in place to allow Stephen Fry to read the 7 o’clock news direct from the Erina Fair fishbowl.

As for the programming, should not the content of our national broadcaster at least attempt to reflect ‘our’ nation? I ask you, what does the ABC offer Australians of say, Chinese or Slovakian heritage, who, just like the rest of us, pay their eight cents a day. My ex-pat British relatives are totally chuffed with all the BBC content on “our ABC”.

It makes them feel at home every day and night of the week, but that doesn’t mean it’s fair or right for the majority of Australians. The organisation needs to impart less of a financial burden on the public purse whilst also finding a smidgen of cultural balance. I suggest we merge the ABC with SBS, dilute the British content using a more global aspect, sell advertising in those dead slots between the programs and just kill off all that incessant “whinging” emanating the 7.30 report. By the way, I am an avid ABC watcher and listener.

Email, 12 Jun 2014
Andrew Stark, East